California State Water Board Grant

In 2018, The Water Research Foundation received a grant totaling $4.5M from the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to support non-potable and potable reuse research. This funding has been leveraged by WRF and other key partners, including Metropolitan Water District (CA), utilities in CA and across the US, engineering firms, and manufacturing companies to fund WRF reuse research launched in 2017 – 2019. The funding from the SWB is broken into the following two grants.

Grant 1

The first grant ($1.4M, D1705002) funds 5 projects which were recommended by the SWRCB Expert Panel in their report on the feasibility of developing criteria for Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). The research findings will be used to develop regulations for DPR, driven by CA legislation SB 574 (2017), which established a deadline of 2023.

The following projects were launched by WRF in late 2018:

Grant 2

The second grant (D1705003) uses the WRF Research Priority Program process to award $3.1M for potable and non-potable reuse research. The work will be conducted in 3 phases, utilizing the Water Reuse Advisory Committee to develop project concepts each year, to be approved by the California State Water Board. 

The phases include:

  • Phase 1 (RFPs launched in 2017) – 2 projects 
  • Phase 2 (RFPs launched in 2018) – 12 projects
  • Phase 3 (RFPs launched in 2019) – 6 projects

DPR Virtual Research Workshop

On June 12, 2020, a virtual workshop was held with SWB staff on DPR research projects funded under Grant 1. Research teams presented on the progress and findings to date of 4 out of 5 projects (the 5th project is in publication).


Contact Julie Minton, Research Unit Leader, with questions about the California State Water Board Grant.