The Water Research Foundation is the hub of a broad network of researchers and water utility leaders. 

This makes it possible for us to keep abreast of the most critical water issues today and address those that may emerge tomorrow. We have compliant funding and procurement policies and procedures in place to ensure fair processes and scientifically sound science.​

Advanced Notice

Learn about our upcoming requests for proposal, including when they will be available and what they are trying to accomplish.

Open RFPs

View the full list of open RFPs for the Emerging Opportunities Program, Research Priority Program, and for open solicitation.


Our guiding documents are designed to ensure consistency and expedite the review process. They contain the information and instructions necessary for successful submission. 

Contract Materials

Our Contract Materials will give you a better understanding of our research contract process.


Our Policies outline our expectations for completing research.

Proposal Guidelines

Our Proposal Guidelines are designed to assist in the development of proposals.

Project Report Guidelines

Our Project Report Guidelines provide support for deliverables related to research projects.

Learn more about our Research Programs

Learn more about our comprehensive One Water researching programming and its impact on the water sector.