Intelligent Water Systems Challenge

Today’s water industry operates complex treatment, collection, and distribution systems to protect public and ecological health. With the advent of the Internet of Things, these systems are increasingly instrumented to monitor key process indicators, thereby facilitating operation of the system. The water industry, however, recognizes that the growing store of big data collected across these new “intelligent” water systems may deliver value in unforeseen ways as utilities work to address complex issues such as stormwater management, flooding, eutrophication and algae blooms, aging infrastructure, CSOs, SSOs, process optimization and asset management. 

LIFT organizes the Intelligent Water Challenges to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems to utilities and thereby foster the adoption of smart water technologies. The intent of the Challenge is to give students, professionals and technology aficionados the opportunity to showcase their talents and innovations, with a focus on leveraging data using the best available tools to help utilities better understand the dynamics of complex systems for making better decisions.


2019 IWS Challenge

Stay up-to-date with the 2019 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge, including requirements, registration deadlines, and more!

2018 IWS Challenge

View the documents, sponsors, and proposed solutions that resulted from the 2018 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge.


Contact our Water Technology Collaboration Manager, Fidan Karimova, with questions about the Intelligent Water Systems Challenge.