Open RFPs

Submit a proposal for the Research Priority Program

This program enables us to address broadly relevant subscriber issues, challenges, and opportunities with targeted research, often in a series of projects. We utilize an online proposal submission system to collect incoming proposals for the Research Priority Program.

Early submission of proposals and supporting documents is highly encouraged.

1. Select a Proposal

Review the list of open RFPs, noting their deadline and objectives. Download the RFP to learn more about the requirements of the RFP. Please ensure your organization can comply with the requirements of the RFP and proposal submission process specified in the proposal guidelines before beginning a proposal.


2. Instructions For Preparing Proposals

Full proposals must be submitted online using the unique project specific link within each RFP. Follow the guidelines to create each proposal component (e.g. project abstract, project description, budget, etc.) You will assemble your proposal components into two proposal packets. See pages 5 – 13 of the Guidelines to build your proposal packets. A recommended naming convention for your two packets is: YourOrgName_Packet1.pdf and YourOrgName_Packet2.pdf.

See Guidelines and forms 

3. Use the Submission System

Follow the unique project specific link within the RFP and complete the information presented in the online form. Upload your two proposal packets as PDF files, which contain your technical documents and your financial documents. Please ensure you upload the required documents before the deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Note: you will receive a confirmation email after you submit your proposal.  Check your spam folder if it is not received.   Retain that confirmation email as it contains a link back to your proposal.

Open RFPs - Research Priority Program

There are currently no RFPs available.

Respond to an Off-Cycle RFP

An Off-Cycle RFP is posted outside of our normal release of RFPs. Instructions for submitting an off-cycle RFP are contained with the individual RFP file.  Follow the guidance within the RFP.

Off-Cycle RFPs

There are currently no RFPs available.

Respond to an Unsolicited Research Program Call for Pre-Proposals

The Unsolicited Research Program funds novel, transformative research and innovation projects that can significantly advance the science of water and increase our ability to protect and preserve water in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Learn more about the Unsolicited Research Program.

Proposal Submission: For pre-proposals, follow the Unsolicited Research Program Pre-Proposal Instructions.  For full proposals, full proposal instructions will be provided to short-listed pre-proposers.

Open Call for Pre-proposals – Unsolicited Research Program

The 2022 WRF Unsolicited Research Program Call for Pre-proposals opens on January 12, 2022. Pre-proposals are due by 3:00 pm MT on March 31, 2022.  Visit the Unsolicited Research Program web page for more information, including links to proposal guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Respond to an Emerging Opportunities RFP

The Emerging Opportunities (EO) Program enables WRF Staff to sponsor time-critical research on emergent, high-priority subscriber issues. Learn more about the EO Program

Proposal Submission: follow the guidance within the RFP itself for submitting your proposal

Open RFPs – Emerging Opportunities Program

There are currently no RFPs available.

Respond to an RFQ

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Instructions for submitting an RFQ are contained within the individual RFQ file.   Follow the guidance within the RFQ file.

Open RFQs

There are currently no RFPs available.