Open RFPs

Multiple Funding Options

The Water Research Foundation’s comprehensive One Water research approach includes five research programs designed to provide flexible funding and partnership opportunities. Learn more about these programs.

Respond to an RFP

Each Request for Proposal (RFP) outlines specific application requirements; submit your proposal following the guidance included in the RFP. Be sure to note deadlines as proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Note: you will receive a confirmation email after you submit your proposal. Check your spam folder if it is not received. Retain that confirmation email as it contains a link back to your proposal.

Respond to a Call for Pre-proposals

Two of our research programs follow a two-stage process beginning with a call for pre-proposals.

The Tailored Collaboration Program call for pre-proposals is now open for submission.

The next Unsolicited Research Program call for pre-proposals will open in 2026.

Open RFP

There are currently no RFPs available.

Call for Pre-proposals

The 2024 Tailored Collaboration Program call for pre-proposals is open. Pre-proposals are due by 3:00 pm MT on June 3, 2024. Visit the Tailored Collaboration Program page for more information, including links to pre-proposal guidelines and frequently asked questions.