Research Innovation Award

To honor some of our most influential research partners, we established the following award:

The Dr. Pankaj Parekh Research Innovation Award honors researchers and research teams who have made significant contributions to advancing the science of water through research sponsored by The Water Research Foundation. The award is named after Dr. Parekh, who dedicated his life to ensuring safe drinking water and protecting public health.

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Nominations are now being accepted for 2022! The deadline to submit nominations is April 8.

2020 Awardee

  • Dr. David Cornwell

    Dr. Cornwell has served as a Principal Investigator on over 25 WRF research projects, focused on topics including filtration, residuals management, coagulant optimization, and more. More recently, he has led several projects on lead and copper control. Dr. Cornwell’s impressive body of work provides valuable insight and knowledge that can be applied by utilities to protect public health.

    “To be recognized by my peers and the Foundation is really a great honor. I’ve spent so much of my career involved with WRF. In my 45 years working in the water sector, I believe I’ve been involved in a WRF project during 40 of those years.”
    Dr. David Cornwell
    Cornwell Engineering Group


Past Recipients

  • 2019
    Dr. Karl Linden
    University of Colorado Boulder

    Dr. Linden has served as a Principal Investigator on WRF research projects for over 20 years, including several significant ultraviolet (UV) disinfection-related projects. Most recently, he led a team that developed action spectra correction factors for UV inactivation of Cryptosporidium and other pathogens. He has also served as a Project Advisory Committee member on diverse project topics. He has demonstrated research innovation and knowledge that can be applied by utilities and other end-users to protect public health.

  • 2018

    George Di Giovanni
    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

  • 2017

    Stuart Krasner
    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

  • 2016

    Bob Raucher
    Abt Associates

  • 2015

    Shane Snyder
    University of Arizona

  • 2014

    Issam N. Najm
    Water Quality & Treatment Solutions, Inc

  • 2013

    Mark LeChevallier
    American Water

  • 2012

    Jennifer Clancy
    Corona Environmental Consulting