Benefits of a WRF Subscription

The Value of Becoming A Subscriber

The Water Research Foundation is the nation’s largest and most well-respected research organization devoted to advancing the science of water. Subscribing organizations benefit in many ways from being partners with WRF.

Great ROI, Value, and Benefits

  • Financial return on your research investment

    Your investment is pooled with other subscribers’ contributions from across the water sector to create the most comprehensive body of One Water research available.

  • Opportunities to guide the One Water research agenda

    Whether your needs are in drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, reuse, or all of the above, subscribers to The Water Research Foundation help drive our research agenda to ensure that their most critical needs and challenges are addressed.

    • Participating in research projects gains you firsthand information on a study along with benefits that come from working with others in the water community
    • Project Advisory Committees monitor and advise on research projects
    • Participate in periodic research surveys
  • Access to our huge library of applied research

    As a subscriber you have direct access to scientifically sound research results from more than 2,300 completed projects valued at $700 million, focusing on all aspects of One Water. Our research provides extensive knowledge and specific recommendations on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    • Infrastructure/Asset Management
    • Utility Management and Finance
    • Lead Service Line Replacement
    • Source Separated Organic Feedstock Pre-Treatment and Management Practices
    • Green Infrastructure
    • Intelligent Water Networks
    • Cyanotoxins
    • Energy Management
    • Resiliency
    • Reuse
    • Public Communication
    • Biofiltration
    • Disinfection Byproducts
    • Climate Change
    • Biosolids
    • Conveyance Systems
    • Decentralized Systems
    • Integrated Water
    • Nutrients
    • Resource Recovery
    • Stormwater
    • Security and Emergency Response
  • Unlimited company accounts

    WRF subscribers can sign up as many employees as they would like from their organization. We want everyone on your staff to have access to our website, webcasts, and emails so they can all share in the benefits from your subscription.

  • Personalized service from our expert staff

    Each subscriber receives personalized service from WRF staff. WRF’s staff is also highly engaged with the water research community—granting them timely and expert insight about current and emerging research areas.

  • Professional networking and best practice sharing

    Through your organization’s subscription, you and your entire staff have the opportunity to network with more than 1,200 water and wastewater/resource recovery utilities, manufacturers, consultants, and academic researchers from around the world.

  • Science-based solutions tailored to your needs

    We provide results through our guidance manuals, research reports, tools, executive summaries, webcasts, magazine and email articles, videos, case studies, presentations, and more. We have the solutions for you, whether you need a quick answer or to review a complete study.

  • First access to research findings

    Subscribers have free and privileged access to our resources, including interim project results. This ensures that you and your staff receive important solutions as soon as they become available.

  • Support and guidance for sound regulation

    Our research is invaluable to the water sector in managing the growing and evolving array of compliance challenges. Further, we have long-established and strong relationships with federal and state regulators and departments that allow for collaboration on projects and the co-development of research agendas.

  • Influence the future of the water sector

    As someone who knows water best, your input on industry concerns and research priorities is critical in helping shape the future of water. Your active partnership with The Water Research Foundation shows a clear and strong commitment to advancing the science of water to improve the quality of life.

  • Access to Innovation

    Subscribers can access informative results from technology demonstration projects valued at more than $3 million through our Innovation Program.

    WRF TechLink, an online innovation and collaboration platform, provides subscribers with a library of independently vetted technologies and opportunities to implement demonstration projects.

    WRF also provides access to the Fast Water Network for development, demonstration, and deployment of new technologies.

What are you waiting for?

Make the investment for your organization and the water sector by becoming a subscriber.