Explore the WRF programs designed to advance the adoption of technology in the water sector. 

A digital collaboration platform designed to accelerate the uptake and deployment of innovation into the water sector.

Technology Scans

Technology Scans encourage technology advancement and adoption by connecting the municipal One Water sector with promising emerging technologies.

A tool that identifies trends around the deployment of innovative technologies across the water sector.

FAST Water Network

A program that assists those developing and piloting technologies for the water sector.


A collaborative scholarship program for utility personnel to visit and share experiences with innovations of interest.

IWS Challenge

A competition to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems (IWS) to utilities and foster adoption of smart water technologies.

Case Studies

Our pilot project program allows utility subscribers and technology providers to share the costs and risks involved with exploring new technologies


A collection of Innovation and Technology Scan webcasts.

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Success Stories

Sidestream Deammonification Collaboration

HTP Collaboration: Partnering to Advance Solids Processing and Energy Production