Pilot Projects

Our pilot project program allows utility subscribers and technology providers to share the costs and risks involved with exploring new technologies. Utilities with shared interests can collaborate on technology demonstrations and pilots—making technology more accessible and developing credible performance data.

Benefits to Collaboration

By working together, stakeholders are able to bring a diversity of perspectives and capabilities to an effort, which ultimately refines the collaboration to be better than any single effort. These efforts need to be led by a subscribing utility.

Share Risks and Resources

The TCR gives subscribers who are jointly interested in technology the ability to share the risks and resources involved in investigating a technology. Support is even available for fundraising.

Build Your Network

This fosters peer-to-peer network building within the our network.

Help Disseminate Information

Collaborating helps broaden the dissemination of information that a technology pilot or demonstration produces for the benefit of all WRF subscribers and non-subscribers.

Support the Development of Scientifically Sound Information

This process facilitates independent, third party technology evaluations and develops scientifically sound information needed for good decision making.

Technology Validation

Are you seeking a trusted, neutral 3rd party to evaluate a technology? Standing upon 50+ years of research experience, we are able to provide guidance, insight, and analysis to your pilot or demonstration effort through the formation of a validation panel.

Through the Collaborative Technology Evaluations (Pilot Project) program, Metro Vancouver has engaged Genifuel and affiliated partners to demonstrate the upcycling of wastewater to low carbon liquid fuels, using the hydrothermal processing approach.

Paul Kadota
Program Manager
Metro Vancouver
aerial view of sewage treatment plant in wroclaw city in Poland

Success Stories

Shortcut Nitrogen Removal



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