Tailored Collaboration Program

The Tailored Collaboration (TC) Program is a matching program designed to support utility-specific/regional issues. It provides an opportunity for subscribing utilities to partner with WRF on regional research projects or projects that address issues of interest to a significant subgroup of WRF subscribers. Each year, 20% of WRF’s budget is allocated to this program.

The TC call for pre-proposals is now open. Pre-proposals are due by 5 pm ET on June 3, 2024. Submitters will be notified about the outcome of pre-proposal review within two months of the submission deadline. Short-listed research teams will be given approximately 45 days to complete and submit their full proposals. The final funding decisions will be made by mid-November.

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Projects funded under the TC Program are chosen annually through a two-stage competitive process:

Stage 1: WRF issues an annual call for pre-proposals. Submitted ideas are evaluated and approved by the Tailored Collaboration Review Committee (TCRC).

Stage 2: Applicants whose pre-proposals were approved in Stage 1 are invited to submit full proposals to compete for funding. The full proposals are evaluated and approved by the TCRC.

Applicants can apply for a 1:1 match of up to $150,000 in WRF funds.

Program Details

  • Each TC proposal must be sponsored by a utility that has paid its WRF subscription
  • Cash match is required in order to submit a proposal to the program
  • WRF will provide a 1:1 match, up to $150,000, for every $1 in cash that a subscriber or group of subscribers provides toward the project.

There is no minimum in-kind contribution required.


Selection Criteria

Proposals are selected based on:

  • Topic breadth and applicability
  • Originality
  • Technical approach
  • Budget
  • Management plan
  • Qualifications of key personnel




First, submit a pre-proposal according to the Tailored Collaboration Program pre-proposal guidelines. Those who submit the best pre-proposals will be invited to submit full proposals.

Pre-proposal Guidelines

Visit WRF's Proposal Guidelines page to access supporting documentation, deadline requirements, and information regarding where to send your pre-proposal for the Tailored Collaboration Program.

Pre-proposal Submission

After you've downloaded and filled out the required documents, visit our proposal management system to submit your pre-proposal.

Awarded Projects

Please contact Dr. Kenan Ozekin by phone (303.734.3464) or email with questions about the Tailored Collaboration Program.