Project #5048

Integrating Real-Time Collection System Monitoring Approaches into Enhanced Source Control Programs for Potable Reuse

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Carollo Engineers
Intelligent Water Systems
Reuse: Direct Potable


With numerous potable water reuse facilities being planned, designed, and constructed, questions arise regarding how to best implement enhanced source control programs for potable water reuse. A critical next step in the evolution of enhanced source control is developing the ability to monitor water quality within the wastewater collection system cost-effectively in real time. This project determined what level of real-time collection system monitoring is feasible, appropriate, and necessary for protection of downstream potable reuse and developed a framework for integrating real-time monitoring into existing pre-treatment program requirements (permits, local limits, etc.). That includes data management and security considerations. This study concluded that the challenges of real-time sewershed and collection system monitoring can be overcome with a clear goal and sufficient perseverance and resources, thus realizing the potential benefits of real-time monitoring. Research partner: California State Water Resources Control Board. Published in 2023.