Project #4797

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale with Big Data Management and Analytics

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Intelligent Water Systems
Asset Management
Big Data


The water sector is undergoing a transformation to digital where data and data management are driving every aspect of a utility’s work. To address this new way of conducting business, this project will consolidate insights gained from the WRF projects Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale (4835) and Leveraging Other Industries - Big Data Management (4836) into demonstration projects at multiple facilities. The demonstrations are designed to validate sensor-based, real-time monitoring/metering and models/decision support systems on sewershed/sub-sewershed scales, including the application of analytics to solve sewershed network management issues. Based on the insights gained from the demonstrations, a sensor-based network and data management framework will be developed. The framework will provide a clear architectural roadmap and guidance for advancing data and information management, practices, automation of quality assurance/quality control, data use mapping, database management, and data integration for the water sector. The framework will incorporate new and emerging monitoring/metering technologies for real-time decision-making.

Originally funded as WERF project IWS-17-07.