Integrating Real-Time Collection System Monitoring Approaches into Enhanced Source Control Programs for Potable Reuse


Real-time sewershed monitoring has multiple benefits for utilities, such as detecting and source-tracking industrial discharges or other adverse water quality events. Although broadly applicable to wastewater utilities, these benefits are especially important for potable reuse. While engineered storage buffers, multibarrier treatment trains, and sensors in reclaimed water can provide a high degree of protection against atypical water quality events, real-time sewershed monitoring as part of an enhanced source control program (ESCP) provides the additional benefits of preventing upsets to the treatment plant and tracking the sources upstream.

Recent advances in commercially available sensor technology and data connectivity (e.g., internet-of-things, 5G) initially led to high expectations about real-time sewershed monitoring. However, as these technologies have been put into practice, many lessons have been learned about their limitations and how to best implement them as part of an ESCP. For a utility to implement real-time sewershed monitoring, it would be efficient and expedient to have a step-by-step guide based on the experiences of other utilities in this area. 

This webcast was based on WRF project 5048, Integrating Real-Time Collection System Monitoring Approaches into Enhanced Source Control Programs for Potable Reuse. This project features novel research on sensor accuracy, fouling, and the ability to predict performance, including utility case studies with application of machine learning techniques. The study provides a framework for integrating real-time monitoring into existing pretreatment program requirements, including data management and security considerations. This webcast will equip utilities and municipalities with additional resources on strategies for evaluating and implementing real-time sewershed monitoring systems.


Andrew Salveson, PE, Water Reuse Chief Technologist, Carollo Engineers

Phil Ackman, PE, Supervisor - Water Research, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

Scott Mansell, PhD, PE, Principal Engineer - Research, Clean Water Services (Oregon)

Kyle Thompson, PhD, PE, Water Reuse Lead Technologist, Carollo Engineers


Harry Zhang, PhD, PE, Research Program Manager on Integrated Water and Stormwater, The Water Research Foundation