Project #4954

Integration of High-Frequency Performance Data for Microbial and Chemical Compounds Control in Potable Reuse Treatment Systems

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Hyunyoung Jang, PhD
Trussell Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Treatment
Big Data
Water Quality


In direct potable reuse (DPR), the environment (i.e., aquifer or reservoir) does not provide the post-treatment benefits of additional treatment, dilution, and retention time that it provides during indirect potable reuse. Therefore, there is a need for faster response times in DPR systems, imposing the challenge of rapidly evaluating treatment performance. To address this challenge, this project developed a practical blueprint for utilities to implement monitoring and control systems that allow for (1) enhanced integration and visualization of performance data, (2) rapid automation of control process, and (3) improved regulatory transparency. Research partners: California State Water Resources Control Board, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Published in 2024.