Project #4964

Assessing the State of Knowledge and Impacts of Recycled Water Irrigation on Agricultural Crops

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Mary Smith
University of California at Davis
Reuse: Agricultural
Reuse: Nonpotable


This project will assess the state of knowledge and impacts of recycled water irrigation on agricultural crops by (1) investigating how and to what degree salinity, sodium, and chloride affect growth and production of different crops (including grain crops, vegetables, fruits, and other specialty crops); and (2) evaluating growth and productivity of crops currently irrigated with recycled water, and the association with soil health and recycled water properties. The research will provide management guidelines for sustainable water reuse with different crops and cropping systems, along with communication and outreach pieces, such as fact sheets, guidebooks, or white papers, that can be utilized by growers. Research partner: California State Water Resources Control Board.