Project #5262

Developing a Coordinated National Research Strategy on Water Reuse

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Miriam Hacker, PhD
Mr. Eric Rosenblum, PE
Reuse: Agricultural
Reuse: Potable
Reuse: Nonpotable
Reuse: Membrane Technology


The research community has articulated a wide range of necessary reuse research projects—many more than can be funded with the resources available at any one time. Prioritization of these projects is complicated by the differing perspectives of the organizations that stand to benefit from this research, and different types of individuals need different types of research.

The objective of this project is to create an adaptive navigational system to guide participants toward a clear understanding of how research projects can increase our capacity to reuse water. More dynamic than a simple “roadmap,” this system will guide the evaluation of research so participants can identify the most timely and useful projects, as well as allow flexibility to prove useful in future years as new challenges and opportunities unfold.

This project is part of EPA's National Water Reuse Action Plan 7.2. For up-to-date information on Action 7.2, "Develop a Coordinated National Research Strategy on Water Reuse," click here.