Project #1745

Pathways to One Water: A Guide for Institutional Innovation

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Theresa A. Connor, P.E.
University of Technology Sydney
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Water Supply Planning
Water Demand & Forecasting


Governance, regulations, finance, and culture are often cited as barriers to achieving integrated water management and innovation in water technologies. In an effort to clarify and explain these barriers WERF, the Water Research Foundation, and Water Research Australia undertook this study to define those barriers. Three in-depth case studies and 25 snapshot case studies provide practical examples of how agencies and communities worked through institutional barriers so they could practice a more integrated and sustainable approach to water resource management. Case studies looked at initiatives and interactions between different levels of government, private entities, NGOs, and citizens across a range of institutional barriers. Published by WERF, Water Research Foundation, and Water Research Australia Ltd. 206 pages. Online PDF. (2015)

Originally funded as WERF project SIWM2T12a.