Project #1763

User’s Guide to the WERF BMP Toolkit Framework Version 2.1

Principal Investigator
A. Charles
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Water Supply Planning
Water Quality


Stormwater and watershed managers must develop the most cost-effective watershed management plans to reduce specific pollutants to receiving waters in a world of uncertainty about BMP effectiveness and compliance with complex regulations. Framework 2.1 links BMP performance for specific pollutants and flow to receiving water loadings, impacts and water quality objectives to improve selection and design of BMP systems and to develop effective watershed management plans. Framework 2.1 provides an integrated modeling platform to connect all data, models, and analysis tools for solving watershed management challenges, allowing movement of time series data between different water resources models. It is an advanced toolbox that can be used for detailed planning and conceptual design of BMP systems and watershed management plans. Published by WERF. 84-page Online User’s Manual and Framework Tool. (2016)

As of February 2020, the web tool is no longer available.

Originally funded as WERF project SWC1R06F2T.