Project #5040

Successful Implementation of Decentralized Reuse and Treatment Systems

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Harry Zhang, Ph.D., PE
Columbia University
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Decentralized Systems
Reuse, Nonpotable
Water Supply Planning


Water supply diversification is a key consideration in the development of reliable and sustainable water supplies. The use of reclaimed water is common in some regions, usually through centralized treatment facilities. When considering new systems or the expansion of existing systems, integrating decentralized reuse can be a powerful means of achieving reliability and sustainability. The objectives of this project are to create a tool that captures the experiences of utilities that employ different kinds of decentralized reuse systems, and to identify information gaps and research needs. This research will improve utilities' ability to consider decentralized water reuse as an option in future water resource management planning.