Project #4853

Joining-Up Urban Water Management with Urban Planning and Design

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Katy Lackey
University of Arizona
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Green Infrastructure
Decentralized Systems


This project investigated the key inhibiting and enabling factors in coordinating efforts across the urban planning, design, and water management sectors. The research team conducted a literature review, administered a national survey, and interviewed experts in order to develop tools and strategies to help those sectors work together. Using their data, the team mapped out connections between the sectors; analyzed best practices for integration; and developed a self-assessment tool, the Bridges-to-Barriers Matrix, to improve collaboration. Case studies detail specific examples of both successful and unsuccessful collaboration efforts within each community. Published in 2018.

Appendices C and D, the Barriers-to-Bridges Matrix and the Map of Connections, respectively, are available under Web Tools.

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Originally funded as WERF project SIWM5R13