The Water Research Foundation’s policies provide expectations for completing professional, credible research within budget and in a timely manner. 


  • No Cost Extension Policy

    Our No-Cost Extension Policy sets forth requirements and conditions under which we consider and approve no-cost schedule extensions for ongoing research projects, and limit the cumulative duration of such extensions. Under this policy, the project schedule will not be extended more than nine months beyond the original contracted schedule, regardless of the number of extensions granted. We will be flexible regarding reasonable and unavoidable delays in projects, and will not penalize researchers for project delays on the part of the Foundation.


  • Timeliness Policy

    Our Timeliness Policy is intended to help ensure that principal investigators (PIs) of ongoing Water Research Foundation projects adhere to the negotiated contract schedule. The policy sets forth eligibility requirements for PIs on ongoing projects, and their organizations, to submit proposals to the Foundation. The policy was revised (Feb. 2013) to clarify the specific project deliverables addressed under the policy. Also, the threshold for organizational eligibility was changed; if a PI is more than six months late in submitting a relevant project deliverable, the entire organizational unit represented by the PI (e.g., consulting office, university department, utility) is ineligible to submit proposals to the Foundation until the situation is remedied.


  • Volunteer Travel Policy

    Travel policy guidelines for WRF’s volunteer groups.


  • Expense Report

    Expense report template and training video. 

    For more detailed instructions, watch this video.