Project #4956

Addressing Impediments and Incentives for Agricultural Reuse

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Pacific Institute
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Groundwater Management & Protection
Reuse: Agricultural
Water Supply Planning


Agricultural water reuse has a long history of helping communities address challenging water quantity and quality issues, and it is often the most accessible type of reuse in small to medium communities. However, there are many challenges to implementing agricultural water reuse. This project will help advance agricultural reuse by (1) developing evidence-based, technical guidance on overcoming barriers to regulatory, health, economic, agronomic, and public perception barriers; and (2) synthesizing technical guidance documents to produce tailored outreach and communications materials on agricultural water reuse to help utilities and growers communicate with stakeholders. Research partners: Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.