Proposal Guidelines

Our proposal guidelines are designed to ensure consistency and expedite the review process. Use the worksheets below to assist with proposal development.

Unsolicited Research Program

The Unsolicited Research Program is designed to select and fund pioneering research projects that can significantly advance scientific knowledge and build practical water quality solutions. The following documents provide instruction for submission and include additional information related to the programs. Learn more about the Unsolicited Research Program

> Download the Unsolicited Research Program Pre-Proposal Instructions

Facilitated Research Program

The Facilitated Research Program enables utility subscribers to tap into our expertise in research management, independent expert review, project-specific procurement processes, and our long-standing, scientific credibility. The following document provides instruction for submission and include the individual forms listed in the drop-down menu below. Learn more about the Facilitated Research Program.

> Download the Technology Demonstration Study Proposal Instructions

Tailored Collaboration Program

The Tailored Collaboration Program is a matching program designed to support utility-specific/regional issues. The following pre-proposal guidelines provide instruction for submission and include the individual forms listed in the drop-down menu below. The full guidelines, which are invite-only, are coming soon. Learn more about the Tailored Collaboration Program.

Download the Tailored Collaboration Pre-Proposal Guidelines

> Download - List of Definitions  

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Emerging Opportunity Program

The Emerging Opportunities Program was designed to address emerging and time-critical issues as well as to support partnering opportunities and add-ons to current projects. Learn more about the Emerging Opportunity Program.