Intelligent Water Systems

Jun 22, 2020

Identify, evaluate, and communicate best practices for the application of advanced sensing technologies and networks to improve compliance strategies and efficiency of operations and watershed management. This research area builds on recent and current work by others and evaluates the effectiveness of available and future technology and networks through demonstrations. This effort helps develop and maximize the capacity to use the vast amount of data generated to support water facilities as they transition to utilities of the future—improving the quality and services of drinking water and wastewater as well as ecosystem health.


Project List

Building Workforce Skills for Intelligent Water Operations    

  • Project Number: 4663    
  • Year Completed: 2019

Intelligent Water Networks Summit    

  • Project Number: 4714  
  • Year Completed: 2020

Utilizing Smart Water Networks to Manage Pressure and Flow    

  • Project Number: 4917    
  • Year Completed: Ongoing

Definition of Data-driven Utility - How to be a Digital Utility and the Framework for an Intelligent Water System    

  • Project Number: 5039    
  • Year Completed: Ongoing

Integrating Management of Sensor Data for a Real Time Decision Making and Response System (co funding with WRRF)    

  • Project Number: 4759    
  • Year Completed: 2019

Strategic Workforce Plan/Employee Value Proposition    

  • Project Number: 4982    
  • Year Completed: 2019

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations in an Urban Sewershed (Phase 1)    

  • Project Number: 4835    
  • Year Completed: 2018

Leveraging Other Industries: Big Data Management    

  • Project Number: 4836    
  • Year Completed: 2018

Considerations for Security and Communications for Intelligent Water Systems

  • Project Number: 4670
  • Year Completed: 2018

Defining Attributes and Demonstrating Benefits of Intelligent Water Systems

  • Project Number: 4614
  • Year Completed: 2017

Workforce Skills of the Future    

  • Project Number: SENG5C16    
  • Year Completed: 2017

Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry    

  • Project Number: SENG1C11    
  • Year Completed: 2014

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations in an Urban Sewershed (Phase 2)

  • Project Number: 4797    
  • Year Completed: Ongoing

Advisory Committee Members

  • Reid Campbell – Halifax Water
  • John Barber – Eastman Chemical (ret)
  • Ken Thompson - Jacobs
  • Lisa McFadden - WEF
  • Shrirang (Steve) Golhar City of Dallas
  • Ting Lu -  Clean Water Services
  • John McMahon – Metro Vancouver
  • Dan Murray - USEPA
  • Lisa Thompson – Sacramento San
  • David Hughes – Modernizing Distribution
  • Keith Kolkebeck - United Water
  • Kevin Morley - AWWA
  • Steve Algeier USEPA
  • Helen Stratton - Griffiths University
  • Chris Chow -  Univ of South Australia 
  • Angelita Fasnacht – American Water
  • Clifford Chan - EBMUD