Project #1372

Sustainable Water Resources, Volume 2: Green Building Case Studies

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Jeff C Moeller
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Utility Management
Green Infrastructure


This second phase of the Sustainable Water Resources Management project evaluates best water management practices and green building rating systems. It applies principles and standards of three green building rating systems to real-world green commercial building projects completed within the last 10 years that showcase sustainable water management techniques. It investigates the decision-making process that led to the water management strategies used and quantifies the environmental impact of those water management technologies. It explores linkages among green building practices, green building ratings and standards, and their cumulative impact. The study identifies barriers in local programs and codes and identifies possible changes in green building rating systems and regulatory review processes for overcoming existing limitations. Published by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). 332 pages. Online PDF available from NDWRCDP. (2010)

Originally funded as WERF project DEC6SG06b.