Project #1703

Potable Reuse for Inland Locations: Pilot Testing Results from a New Potable Reuse Treatment Scheme-Potable Reuse Investigation in Tucson, AZ

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Justin Mattingly
Reuse, Indirect Potable
Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs)
Reuse, Potable


This project evaluated the feasibility of an alternative non-RO-based potable reuse treatment scheme that produces highly purified water. To meet the needs of the greater Tucson Metropolitan area, Tucson Water is exploring potable reuse as a means to diversify and expand their water portfolio. Thus, a six-month pilot test of an innovative and sustainable potable reuse treatment scheme was conducted under a tailored collaboration project. The treatment processes evaluated included short-term soil aquifer treatment, side-stream nanofiltration, ozone, biological activated carbon filtration, and granular activated carbon adsorption. Published by WE&RF. 241 pages. Online PDF. (2016)

Originally funded as WERF project Reuse-13-09.