Project #4714

Intelligent Water Networks Summit

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Mary Smith
Intelligent Water Systems
Big Data


This project gathered information about experiences with Intelligent Water Networks, and facilitated the distribution of this information to interested organizations. Three regional workshops were held across the United States, followed by a summit where water utilities presented case studies addressing topics such as managing wastewater overflows, non-revenue water reduction, water quality monitoring, and source water monitoring using standalone vendor solutions. An intelligent water utility maturity model framework was developed to assess a utility’s technological maturity and support the development of strategies, budgets, and implementation plans for improving the utility’s efficiency and customer service. A maturity model tool was also developed to assist utilities in conducting self-assessments using the maturity model framework. Published in 2020. 

Presentations from the Summit, held in February 2018, are posted as an Expert Symposium.

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Public Plus

Intelligent Water Systems: Digital Maturity Model


The Water Research Foundation's Intelligent Water Networks Summit and Workshops project (4714) was originally designed to reach out to utilities, technology providers, consultants, regulators, and academia to gain a better...