Project #5181

Improved Equity & Environmental Justice in Asset Management

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Jian Zhang, PE, Ph.D.
Syracuse University
Asset Management
Condition Assessment
Risk Assessment


Infrastructure failures have drastically different impacts on different members of society, including under-resourced and vulnerable communities, disadvantaged neighborhoods, and other critical customers. This research approach offers the potential to provide immediate benefits to utilities and decision-makers. With this project, the team will document existing challenges, initiatives, and promising solutions. The objective of this project is to generate a guidebook, which will consist of guidelines to identify, engage, and educate stakeholders (including vulnerable communities); a cost of failure calculation tool to identify assets with high direct and social costs; guidelines and technical assistance on identifying sources of funding; and a framework for self-assessment and improvement. The deliverables will be prepared in such a way that utilities of all types and sizes will be able to determine the next steps they need to take to promptly improve their equity and environmental justice maturity levels.