Project #5191

Innovative Technologies to Improve Monitoring of Assets

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Jian Zhang, PE, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Arlington
Condition Assessment
Asset Management


The current methods of water asset inspection can be disruptive, costly, isolated, and outdated and results may not be available when needed, as inspection may be conducted at long intervals. Water utilities will benefit by continuously monitoring their critical assets to make timely decisions and optimizes their maintenance activities, such as inadequate inspection and lack of timely data that can adversely impact their water utility infrastructure. Environmental and operating stresses inevitably lead to failures throughout the year. Increasing concerns over the rate of deterioration of asserts have contributed significantly to raising the need for innovative monitoring technologies to take preemptive actions to avert catastrophic failures. Monitoring technologies can provide added benefits of security for remote assets, such as pump stations, pipelines, and reservoirs.

The main objectives of this project are to investigate the utilization of existing and innovative monitoring technologies and tools to monitor water assets, understand what is available, identify shortcomings, and provide guidelines for water utilities to select proper monitoring methods.