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Project #1026

Identifying and Controlling Odor in the Municipal Wastewater Environment Phase II: Impacts of In-Plant Parameters on Biosolids Odor Quality

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Odor Control


This report documents the second phase of a three-part project to identify and control sources of municipal wastewater odor. The purpose of this phase—a field study—was to establish relationships between WWTP process parameters and biosolids odors. The project team analyzed biosolids samples from 11 WWTPs, then evaluated and compared the data with process and operation parameters at each WWTP. The results will help the wastewater treatment industry understand and manage biosolids odor and its impacts on surrounding communities, by understanding more completely the chain of events involved in the generation of biosolids odors. Published by WERF. 178 pages. Softcover.

Originally funded as WERF project 00-HHE-5T.