Project #4823

High Quality Biosolids from Wastewater

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Kenan Ozekin, PhD
Material Matters, Inc.
Resource Recovery
Odor Control


The main objectives of this project were to define high-quality biosolids (HQB) criteria, create products that potential customers want and value, and develop a marketing template that water resource recovery facilities can use to characterize their local high-value fertilizer and amendment markets. To accomplish these objectives, the researchers evaluated HQB-derived products for parameters that characterize human olfactory response to odor, as well as various physical and chemical parameters that may influence perceptions of biosolids quality, demonstrated the use of HQB by testing soil amendments by laboratory chemical and physical analysis, conducted surveys to assess marketing strategies that utilities can use; and tested the ability of social media to build and engage a community of HQB biosolids producers, users, and supporters beyond traditional means of communication. Published in 2019.

Originally funded as WERF project NTRY7R15.