Project #4464

Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool Version 2 (GELCAT 2)

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Linda J Reekie
Leidos, Inc.


The project advanced the Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool (GELCAT) originally developed for the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). This project developed two new modules that evaluate at a screening level, the economic viability, and energy and environmental benefits/costs, of micro-hydroturbines for drinking water utilities and geothermal energy for water and wastewater utilities. It also developed a framework for water and wastewater utilities to evaluate a range of social and environmental costs and benefits associated with implementing the GELCAT2 renewable energy projects; and beta tested the new modules and the framework at water utilities. Project deliverables include a brief report (#4464A), a user manual (#4464B), and the GELCAT 2 tool itself. Research partner: Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (formerly WERF). Published in 2016.

 As of February 2021, the GELCAT 2 tool is no longer available. For questions, please contact us.