Project #5037

Evaluation of Existing Source Separated Organic Feedstock Pre-Treatment and Management Practices

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Stephanie Fevig, PE
Hazen and Sawyer
Resource Recovery
Anaerobic Digestion


A shift towards resource recovery and renewable energy is leading water resource recovery facilities to evaluate co-digestion with residential and commercial food waste from both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste (source separated organic) feedstocks. Existing research on source separated organic co-digestion focuses on anaerobic digestion (AD) operational strategies and processes, but there is minimal information on feedstock pre-treatment. Managing and operating a pre-treatment system can be the most challenging aspect of running a co-digestion program, and may be the key reason why most facilities shy away from accepting organic wastes. This project provides facilities with an understanding of what technologies are currently available, what they need to consider when selecting them as part of their pre-treatment program, and how to develop a pre-treatment management strategy based on lessons learned in the industry. In addition to the final report, a PowerBI webtool provides users with detailed information on case studies and technologies. Published in 2023.