Project #4892

Quality of Biogas Derived from Wastewater Solids and Co-Digested Organic Wastes: A Characterization Study

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Ashwin Dhanasekar
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Energy Optimization
Resource Recovery
Anaerobic Digestion
Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)


Co-digestion allows utilities to beneficially reuse organic matter and produce renewable energy. However, adding organic matter can result in unintended consequences to facility operation, such as digester foaming, sludge dewaterability, and odor. This project developed the scientific information needed to more accurately estimate emissions from anaerobic digesters that practice co-digestion, understand conditioning/pretreatment of raw biogas, and support the air quality permitting process for co-digestion. The research team created a predictive model to relate organic waste, including high-strength waste, and feed sludge characteristics to biogas quality.

Originally funded as WERF project ENER1721.