Project #5150

Performance Evaluation of Advanced Primary and Secondary Treatment Systems

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Ashwin Dhanasekar
Caliskaner Water Technologies, Inc.
Resource Recovery
Advanced Treatment
Anaerobic Digestion


Most water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) utilize conventional primary treatment (CPT) and conventional secondary treatment (CST), both of which have significant energy needs. Emerging advanced primary treatment (APT) technologies show high potential to replace primary clarification while reducing energy consumption and increasing treatment capacity. APT technologies can also advance WRRF efforts to achieve energy neutrality. Coupling APT with advanced secondary treatment (AST) technologies could significantly increase WRRF energy and capital savings. This project will evaluate (1) the treatment removal and hydraulic performance for APT, AST, and combined APT-AST; (2) the impact of increased carbon diversion from APT on digester gas production; (3) the impact of APT effluent on CST; and (4) the impact of APT effluent on AST performance. Energy consumption and energy savings will be quantified, and outreach and technology transfer activities will be conducted. Research partner: Caliskaner Water Technologies, Inc.