Project #4387

Development of a Water Utility Primer on EDCs/PPCPs for Public Outreach

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Linda J Reekie
Intertox Inc.


This project distilled and synthesized current information on EDCs and PPCPs into a primer, with supporting citations and communication materials, which drinking water utilities can use to inform and communicate with non-technical audiences. The primer (4387a) is a centralized up-to-date data source that can provide a landmark for future summaries of EDCs and PPCPs in water, as well as a reference source for further information. In addition, a final report (4387b) was published that includes a comprehensive overview of EDCs and PPCPs in water. Lastly, a slide deck, available under Project Resources/Presentations, was developed to help utilities communicate to others about PPCPs and EDCs in water. The slides can be used by utilities in their own presentations. Published in 2015.