Project #4864

Bioaugmentation with Sidestream Granular Sludge for Biological Nutrient Removal

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Stephanie Fevig, PE
University of Washington
Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)


This study evaluated, through pilot plant testing at the King County (KC) West Point Treatment Plant, an innovative process intensification activated sludge system for nutrient removal involving sidestream nitrification bioaugmentation with granular activated sludge treatment in a continuous flow system. The objective of the pilot plant study was to evaluate the innovative bioaugmentation process using phosphorus accumulating organisms and nitrifying/denitrifying (PAO-NDN) granules from sidestream centrate treatment. The researchers sought to determine whether the added granules and nitrification are sustained after bioaugmentation in the continuous flow flocculent activated sludge system with selective granule retention and a low flocculent sludge solids retention time. They also investigated whether shortcut nitrogen removal can occur to minimize the chemical oxygen demand used for nitrogen removal and alkalinity production. Published in 2022.

 Originally funded as WERF project TIRR3C15.