Project #4508

Assessment of Techniques to Evaluate Water Quality from Direct and Indirect Potable Reuse Facilities

In Progress
Principle Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Hyunyoung Jang
University of Arizona
Reuse, Potable
Reuse, Indirect Potable


This project produced a direct potable reuse (DPR) guidance framework that water utilities and regulators can use to evaluate the safety of existing or potential future DPR scenarios and help facilitate a proactive DPR monitoring process that is protective of public health. This framework includes practical guidance for selecting and implementing monitoring and control tools for DPR. Published in 2019.

A literature review was completed in 2016 and is posted below under Project Papers.

Research partners: Alameda County Water District, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Contra Costa Water District, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and Zone 7 Water Agency.

Watch our video: Exploring Potable Reuse to Diversify Water Supplies (You Tube)

Originally funded as WERF project Reuse-13-15