Staff Expertise by Topic

What research interests you? Use the links below to email a staff expert or find more information on related WRF research. Names in bold are the primary contacts.

Advanced Treatment: Drinking Water and Water Reuse Treatment

    Lyndsey Bloxom     Kenan Ozekin     Julie Minton

Asset Management

    Jian Zhang     Harry Zhang


    Grace Jang


    Lola Olabode

Climate Change: Climate Impacts

    Sydney Samples     Harry Zhang

Climate Change: GHG/Carbon Emissions and Management

    Harry Zhang

Collection Systems/CSOs/SSOs

    Harry Zhang     Lola Olabode

Constituents of Emerging Concern

    Lola Olabode     Mary Smith

Condition Assessment

    Jian Zhang

Customer Relations and Communications

    Lyndsey Bloxom     Sydney Samples

Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins

    Lola Olabode     Sydney Samples     Harry Zhang

Decentralized Systems

    Miriam Hacker     Jeff Moeller     Sydney Samples     Harry Zhang


    Miriam Hacker     Julie Minton


    Kenan Ozekin

Disinfection Byproducts

    Kenan Ozekin

Drinking Water Distribution Systems

    Kenan Ozekin     Mary Smith     Jian Zhang

Energy Optimization

    Lola Olabode

Finance and Economics

    Lyndsey Bloxom     Sydney Samples


    Lyndsey Bloxom     Harry Zhang


    Miriam Hacker     Jeff Moeller     Sydney Samples

Integrated Planning and Water Management

    Lyndsey Bloxom     Jeff Moeller     Harry Zhang

Intelligent Water Systems

    Mary Smith     Harry Zhang

Lead and Copper

    Jian Zhang

Microbes and Pathogens

    Grace Jang     Lola Olabode


    Lola Olabode


    Maitreyi Nagarkar     Jeff Moeller
    Lola Olabode     Harry Zhang

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

    Lola Olabode     Kenan Ozekin     Mary Smith

Premise Plumbing

    Grace Jang

Public Health

    Lola Olabode     Sydney Samples


    Lyndsey Bloxom     Harry Zhang     Jian Zhang

Resource Recovery

    Jeff Moeller     Lola Olabode

Security and Emergency Management

    Miriam Hacker     Mary Smith


    Lola Olabode     Sydney Samples     Harry Zhang

Source Water Protection

    Lola Olabode     Harry Zhang

Stormwater (incl. Green Infrastructure and Flood Management)

    Miriam Hacker     Jeff Moeller     Harry Zhang

Utility Management

    Miriam Hacker     Sydney Samples     Harry Zhang

Wastewater Treatment

    Jeff Moeller     Lola Olabode

Water Demand and Forecasting

    Harry Zhang

Water Quality (Drinking Water)

    Grace Jang     Kenan Ozekin     Mary Smith

Water Quality (Receiving Waters/Watershed Management)

    Jeff Moeller     Lola Olabode     Harry Zhang

Water Reuse

    Lyndsey Bloxom     Miriam Hacker     Julie Minton     Harry Zhang

Water Use and Efficiency

    Harry Zhang


    Miriam Hacker     Sydney Samples     Mary Smith

If you’d like to speak to a WRF staff member about a topic not listed above, please contact one of our Research Unit Leaders Jeff Moeller, Kenan Ozekin, or Julie Minton.