Workforce Health and Safety: Worksheet Models

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Four prototype models were developed to support and drive Prevention through Design initiatives. A Task Categorization Model (TCM) identifies facility features or task characteristics that affect the ongoing costs of performing tasks safely and thereby provides guidance to facility planners on how to lower operating costs. The Relative Cost of Safety for Tasks (R-CoST) model is a quantitative tool for comparing alternative designs and task methods within each of five areas (referred to as task groups). The Total Cost of Safety for Tasks (T-CoST) model is a tool that aims to account for ongoing costs in a more comprehensive manner. Lastly, the Material Handling Cost (MHC) model incorporates an adaptation of the T-CoST model approach specifically for manual material handling tasks. The TCM, R-CoST, T-CoST, and Material Handling models are designed to aid in deciding among alternatives based on credible differences in ongoing costs.

div class="ExternalClass9329DF6BAEC44E2897BFD2A92C8DB2F2">All four tools or models are aimed at helping utilities overcome the specific PtD process barriers that have been identified. In addition to the models, four corresponding Tables are included that contain baseline descriptions and values that can be broadly applied to facilities within an organization.