Battery Storage System Guidance for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Jun 9, 2019
Project Update

Task 1: A literature review document was developed based on gray and peer-reviewed articles, white papers, and other reports. 

Task 2: A questionnaire was developed and distributed to collect first-hand information on BESS drivers, BESS deployment practices, and benefits and barriers to BESS implementation. 

Task 3: Interviews with BESS equipment/solution providers are  being used to identify the latest offerings of products and services, and related performance and costs of BESS solutions.  

Task 4: Case studies will identify current practices, success factors and barriers, and lessons learned from BESS installation and/or feasibility studies in municipal and non-municipal sector, and collect supporting operational and economic data. 

Task 5: The research team will utilize the findings of the previous tasks to develop guidance to water utilities to evaluate and implement BESS options. 

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