2023 Paul L. Busch Award Winner Presentation


Dr. William Tarpeh has been selected as the 2023 Paul L. Busch Award recipient from The Water Research Foundation (WRF). With the $100,000 research prize, Dr. Tarpeh will continue his innovative work on wastewater resource recovery at his Stanford University laboratory. Dr. Tarpeh is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment. There, he and his students reimagine liquid waste streams, developing novel approaches to wastewater resource recovery. During this webcast, Dr. Tarpeh will share how they are working to create a toolbox of selective processes that can produce high purity fertilizers, fuels, and commodity chemicals from wastewater.
Tarpeh’s recent WRF research project, Characterizing, Categorizing, and Communicating Next-Generation Nutrient Removal Processes for Resource Efficiency (4976)yielded insights on the five major barriers to nutrient removal and recovery. This research not only revolutionized the understanding of wastewater resource recovery but also laid the groundwork for the future of resource-efficient nutrient management.  
The Paul L. Busch Award is made possible by the Endowment for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research and has provided $2.3 million in funding to up-and-coming researchers making major breakthroughs in the water quality industry. You can find more information about the Paul L. Busch Award on our website

William Tarpeh, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Peter Grevatt, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, The Water Research Foundation