Project #1131

Tools to Detect Estrogenic Activity in Environmental Waters

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Daniel M. Woltering, Ph.D.
CRC Water Quality and Treatment
Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products (EDCs & PPCPs)


Several in vitro bioassays have emerged over the past decade to test the estrogenicity of environmental samples, but there are concerns about their reproducibility, robustness, interlaboratory variability, and ability to integrate into a regulatory framework based on individual chemicals. This report describes an international effort to evaluate the performance of five in vitro bioassays to assess estrogenic activity in a variety of water matrices ( The project was jointly funded by members of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC), and evaluated a selected set of bioassays, including yeast estrogen screen (YES), ER-CALUX, MELN, T47D-KBluc and E-Screen assays. Published by the GWRC. 86 pages. Soft cover and online PDF. (2008)

Originally funded as WERF project 03-HHE-4Ta.