Project #4013

Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment (SIMPLE), Version 1.1

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Frank J Blaha
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
Asset Management
Utility Management


The Water Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), has expanded the web-based knowledge management system originally built for wastewater utilities (called SIMPLE: Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment) to include information for drinking water utilities. The updated website is called SIMPLE version 1.1 and will replace SIMPLE. Research partner: WERF. Completed in 2008.

SIMPLE is undergoing maintenance as of October 2022, and is not currently available.

Important note regarding SAM-GAP: The SAM-GAP tool is housed within the SIMPLE website. Due to resource limitations, we are unable to provide SAM-GAP access to new users at this time.

Originally funded as WERF project 03-CTS-14