Project #4707

Resilient Water Infrastructure: Improving Understanding and Assessing Needs

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Jian Zhang, PE, Ph.D.
Cranfield University
Asset Management
Utility Management


The long-term goal of this research is to drive water utilities to become more resilient enterprises. A principal motivation is the need to maintain stakeholder confidence in utilities’ capacity to manage the substantive challenges they face (in the short-, mid- and long-term).

In support of that overall aim, this project:

  1. Helps establish a common definition for "resilient infrastructure" in the context of the water utility sector in the United States
  2. Identified existing resources, ongoing efforts, best practices, and potential partner agencies or organizations addressing infrastructure resilience in the water sector, in the United States and internationally
  3. Identified and prioritized a set of targeted research needs and objectives that, if addressed, will underpin the development of pragmatic tools and guidance for water utilities

This project complements the activities of Real-life Enterprise Resilience (project #4734, led by Cranfield University in partnership with the City of Calgary).

Published in 2019.