Project #1536

State of the Science on Biogas: Treatment, Co-Generation, and Utilization in High Temperature Fuel Cells and as a Vehicle Fuel

Principal Investigator
de Arespacochaga
Research Manager
Lauren Fillmore M.S.
Energy Optimization
Anaerobic Digestion
Resource Recovery


The significant volume of biogas produced from the anaerobic digestion of wastewater solids is a valuable resource for energy recovery and makes this a leading investment option for plants interested in sustainable wastewater treatment operations. The Water Environment Research Foundation and the R +i Alliance joined together to investigate the treatment of siloxanes in biogas. Siloxanes are byproducts of wastes containing silicone. Personal care products are typical sources of silicone in wastewater. As part of this study, four reports were prepared and are available to WERF subscribers and the wastewater sector. This document consists of these four affiliate reports:
D1a: State of the Art on Biogas Treatment
D1b: State of the Art on Co-Generation Using Sewage Biogas
D1c: State of the Art on High Temperature Fuel Cells Using Sewage Biogas
D1d: State of the Art on Biogas Utilization as a Vehicle Fuel
346 pages. Online PDF. (2011)

Originally funded as WERF project OWSO10C10a.