Project #4573

Securing Value: Integrating Risk Governance With Other Business Functions for the International Water Sector

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Linda J Reekie
Cranfield University
Risk Assessment
Utility Management
Customer Relations & Stakeholder Engagement


This project was concerned with the operational principles of organizational risk, resilience, robustness, and adaptation. The project team explored how interactions between risk governance and these overlapping agendas generate business value and strategic opportunities for utilities, whether as benefits to the bottom line through outperformance, reputational credit, or customer trust.

This report is a practical companion to WRF project #4363, Risk Governance, An Implementation Guide for Water Utilities, which was published in 2013.

Tailored Collaboration partners: Aquarion Water Company; City of Calgary Water Resources; City of Ottawa Drinking Water Services; EPCOR Utilities, Inc.; Golden State Water Company; South Australian Water Corporation; and Water Corporation Australia. Published in 2016.