Project #4734

Real-Life Enterprise Resilience

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Jian Zhang, PE, Ph.D.
Cranfield University
Utility Management
Risk Assessment


Resilience has become a high priority across the water sector. The resilience threats and opportunities facing water utilities are complex in nature, necessitating transdisciplinary approaches, systems thinking, and an improved understanding of resilience overall. This project developed an understanding of what resilience means to water utilities and developed resources to support resilience-building in the sector. Through a scoping workshop, literature review, and detailed interviews with utilities, the research investigated the concept of enterprise resilience, as well as the resilience threats, opportunities, and challenges facing water utilities. This project developed a literature review (published in 2020), interactive i-book, and research report. Research Partners: City of Calgary Water Resources, EPCOR Water Services, Seattle Public Utilities, and Water Corporation. Published in 2022.