Project #4729

Mapping Climate Exposure and Climate Information Needs to Water Utility Business Functions

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins
The Cadmus Group, Inc.
Climate Change
Risk Assessment
Utility Management


This project developed a comprehensive, enterprise-level framework and a guidebook for understanding the exposure and sensitivities of water utility business functions to a changing climate. The water utility business risk and opportunity framework was designed to be applicable to a range of utility sizes, impacts, and functions. Though this framework specifically focuses on drinking water utilities, its approach has broader applicability across a variety of utility types. The application of the framework and guidebook can accelerate the incorporation of climate considerations into everyday utility management. In addition to being included in the report, Appendix E: Water Utility Business Risk and Opportunity Profiles, can be found below as a Project Paper. Four of these profiles are more detailed case studies, and data from the case studies are provided in the Climate Data and Information Spectrum for Case Studies web tool.

The 4729 products were updated in An Enhanced Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities Framework and Guidebook for Water Utilities Preparing for a Changing Climate 5056, where the 4729 Framework was pilot tested within critical business functions at Denver Water and SFPUC and an Enhanced Framework and Guidebook was created.

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Research Partners: Denver Water and Water Utility Climate Alliance. Published in 2020.