Project #4652

Pilot-Scale Demonstration of the Water Footprint Concept for Sustainable Decision Making

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins


This project studied options for balancing future supply and demand using systems or catchment-level water footprinting according to the International Organization for Standardization's standard 14046. The pilot study is a water-stressed area of the United Kingdom. This research will help water utilities deliver their water services more effectively by identifying opportunities for operational savings, adding customer benefit, and reducing environmental impacts. The project includes a pilot study report detailing the scope, methodology, and conclusions; a refined list of value propositions on the application of water footprinting; a refined conceptual framework; and water footprinting guidance. Tailored collaboration partner: Anglian Water.

This project also developed a Water Footprint Assessment Tool that can be used as a guide on how to conduct a water footprint assessment. The tool is posted below under Web Tools.

In addition, an article focused on this project was published in the September 2017 issue of Journal AWWA. The article is posted below under Project Papers.

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