Project #1550

LCAMER: An Assessment Tool for Managing Cost-Effective Energy Recovery from Anaerobically Digested Wastewater Solids

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Lauren Fillmore M.S.
Quantum Biopower
Energy Optimization
Asset Management
Anaerobic Digestion


LCAMER (Life Cycle Assessment Manager for Energy Recovery) is a spreadsheet-based tool developed for comparing the benefits and costs of onsite energy recovery alternatives throughout the lifetime of a wastewater treatment facility. LCAMER was updated to focus on new technical and economical information related to the use of fuel cell and Stirling engine technology operating with anaerobic digester gas from wastewater treatment plants. This document includes the background material and derivation of the cost algorithms included in the updated tool. Published by WERF. 56 pages. Online PDF. (2012)

Originally funded as WERF project OWSO4R07i.